Studying abroad: all you need to know

You can study abroad in high school during your high school thanks to the program that is commonly called the  School Year Abroad  (or Fourth Year Abroad, High School Program, Exchange Program, etc).
You will have the opportunity to attend a high school in the country where you will choose to spend this experience, being hosted by a carefully selected and referenced host family (eventually there is also the boarding school option in which you are hosted directly in the school college).
Studying abroad in high school usually involves a substantial duration, from a quarter to a full school year, giving you the chance to really learn the language and live a unique life experience.

Study abroad after the Diploma – University

You can study abroad after graduation and at  the University having the opportunity to spend all or part of your university period abroad.

Among the certainly most useful options if you want to study at a university abroad and prefer to stay within Europe, there is the Erasmus program , which every year offers a call for bids to all European students.

If instead you want to do the University abroad outside the European continent, perhaps studying in one of the best universities in the world like those of the Ivy Leaguein the USA , you will have to inform yourself on the website of each university to understand specifically the admission process .
In fact, each American university establishes its admission criteria and adopts a specific admission process, application process, in which you will be asked to submit documentation to support your application.
The processes of admission to American universities, like those of the other best universities in the world, are often not simple and require specific preparation .

If you need help and support in your admissions process you can rely on a specific service that takes care of helping students to successfully face the enrollment process at the best universities in the world.
Contact us to receive all the help you need, we will assist you at 360 ° in your selection process.

Study abroad to learn English

If your goal is to study abroad to learn a new language like English,  you can opt for several specific programs.

English language course abroad : if you are 16 and above you can attend an English language school abroad with specific group lessons for your previous level of English. This course is suitable for young people, students, adults, professionals and even families.

Study holiday abroad: it is a program designed for younger children, usually played between 12 and 17 years during the summer. The students are hosted in schools that in addition to language classes organize various activities during the rest of the day, and hosted the students within them under the continuous control of the staff.

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